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Do you want your school days no longer boring and tedious? Do you want something bad and you no longer “invisible” to everyone in the school? School of Chaos APK is a free online role-playing game that has been praised by many players.
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School Of Chaos is a free game that transforms classrooms into the setting of a gruesome fight for survival. This means there are no teachers or principals in this place, leaving you free to roam and run around as you please. School Of Chaos unofficially puts high school students in a world where they must fight off everything from bloodthirsty murder machines to monstrosities spawned from their very own imaginations.

school of chaos mod apk

Throughout this school, teachers are eaten and killed by cruel funerals. The danger of these ghosts seems to turn everything in the school upside down. In a critical situation like this, you need to stand up and fight and find ways to protect your own life as well as the lives of others in the school.

We believe you will do it the right way if you come up with the most unique and unique fighting strategies to apply to this game.

Game Overview

When we hear the name of this game for the first time, our first impression is that of a huge and hectic battlefield. The characters in this game fight each other at school, which happens to have no teachers or principals, creating an uproar. Think of it in the same way as when students are always trying to outdo each other at lunch. They’re happy to see their friends but the competition never stops even momentarily.

School Of Chaos Hack Cheats is situated in a typical high school. It also has an instructional campus and a gymnasium, among other features. However, the situation at this particular location is unique: there are no teachers or security guards.

There are zombies that will eat you on sight, but they’re not at the school. The only thing that remains is a generation of rowdy students. Unfortunately, bullying is becoming more and more common among teenagers these days. In fact, fights between students have increased quite a bit as well (especially during exam season).

Everything else was a chaotic atmosphere of student brawls which were quickly dissolved by real teachers whenever they happened to show up after dealing with one of these conflicts (due to the methodical approach).

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School Of Chaos Gameplay Features

School Of Chaos Gameplay Features are following.


School of Chaos offers a “Quest Maker” system where users can create their own quests within the game to practice on. Forget about tedious tasks that you would normally need to do in real school here though as everything revolves around miniature, fantasy battles in which your own character progresses and matures as they level up.

Rewards come along with all of this as users are rewarded gold coins or support items, among other things depending on the quest difficulty and achievements involved. These rewards usually include new weapons, armor, and special skills for your character to use along with any accessories that you might have earned from winning these mini-games of sorts within School of Chaos.


A multiplayer sandbox RPG will challenge players to engage in intense PvP school shootings across the world. Thousands of online gamers compete against you. To win them, you must obviously become the most powerful person in this world! You can use over 30 different fighting skills in combination with ten thousand various abilities to fight your enemies.

When you are too powerful to take on any opponent, it is time to declare yourself the boss. Being in charge is simply another way of saying visualization. In fact, currently, you are ranked #1 in the combat rankings. That should elicit respect from others.

Play with your pals

You will meet new people at the School of Chaos Cheat APK. Sometimes you may be their allies and sometimes you may be their enemies. It is possible to compete with others in raids and beat them because your group is good at it.

If you wait for someone who could upgrade stuff for online games, then invite them to play this game with your condition like being old enough. Then you can journey back to high school, fighting alongside friends and sharing moments of delight, pain, and happiness all while earning items including magical swords and castles!


School of Chaos Cheats introduces a sandbox mode with stunning 3D graphics. The cast of characters is both diverse and hilarious! They all seem like they’re already fun at heart which makes it even more believable when they do get into mischief.

Furthermore, the school’s setting creates an ambiance of both novelty and familiarity that instantly helps any player to become more attached to the game and its community of mischievous warriors!

School Chaos MOD APK Features

School Chaos Mod Apk Features are following.

  • Unlimited VIP Tokens
  • Unlimited Money
  • Improved Graphics
  • No Root Needed
  • Easy User-Interface
  • Compatible with all Android Devices


Follow these steps:

  • You can download the MOD APK for “School of Chaos”.
  • You can install Download Apk without using the internet or WiFi.
  • Complete the installation process by opening the Installer.
  • Allow it to install completely on your Android device
  • Install MOD APK and enjoy unlimited resources for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to invite our friends to play with us?

The game is multiplayer, and you can invite and play with your friends.

Can I customize myself and other characters?

All the characters can be customized according to your preferences.

Do we have the option of playing it on a PC?

If you want to play it on a PC, download the School of Chaos PC game.

Bottom Line

School of Chaos is a gem among mobile games. It’s addicting and makes the boring times at school more fun. For students, it’s a great way to pass the time and make being classless dull.

For adults looking back on their own days at school, School of Chaos is an awesome way to remind yourself about your experiences there, for those who may have forgotten or never experienced it before!

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