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Punch Hero is the famous boxing game with simple and traditional gameplay where you can choose various styles of attacks and recognize the weakness of opponents for the perfect win. It is a classic game where you have to fight against soccer players, samurai, and hundreds of boxers.
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March 14, 2020
Android 4.4 or up

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If you played and enjoyed the old version of Clu Clu Land back in the 80s or 90s, then you’re gonna love our Punch Hero video game review. We all remember those great games like Punch-Out and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out where we got to take on characters like Glass Joe and Donkey Kong as we challenged ourselves to hit as many buttons as we could without getting pulverized by this gutsy assortment of boxers looking to knock us out. And although modern video games try their best to compete with these classic titles, they’ve never really been able to duplicate what makes the original Punch-Out so memorable and fun. Well now there’s another way for any gamer around the globe who enjoys taking on these tough opponents in a boxing ring is through Gamevil’s latest release of its newest app called Punch Hero.

Game Overview

Let’s train your strength, hook punches and uppercuts at the Training Center, while accumulating special skills and power moves in the Skill Store. With fun 3D graphics, Punch Hero is highly addictive. And this game can present a tough challenge for those who have accidentally touched it. In the beginning, players will have to fight with 18 opponents, and new challenges will appear every time you defeat the enemy. The competitors don’t come with excellent reflective skill. But at least they won’t disappoint you. In arcade mode, you will have to face the soccer player, samurai, and maybe a deceased pirate’s soul. Each opponent has a unique style of play, and players will need to recognize how to fight back by exploiting their weaknesses. The game never ends until your character is defeated 9 times (or more) or if he wins 1 championship (the highest achievement that can be obtained).

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Gameplay Features

  • Simple Gameplay

In Punch Hero, you must fight 22 opponents. Each of them comes as a different character with different strengths and weaknesses. And your job is to find out their weak points to beat them. Of course, you have to be fluent in boxing skills.

  • User-friendly Developing

We like that the main idea of Punch Hero is that you only need to swipe up and down on the screen if you want to execute punches, and swipe to the left and right if you want to launch a kick. Although we don’t recommend this game for children because it does get a little violent as your opponent takes more damage. You must tap on an attacker as soon as they appear on screen which will release a flurry of attacks but be careful as they can also cause harm if their attacks make contact! This game is perfect for those with quick reflexes and eyes-hands coordination, so take advantage and give it a try – we know you won’t be disappointed.

  • Enjoy the Real Boxing

If you pay attention, you will see this game has quite a good simulation of boxing as the visuals and animations are realistic as is the way they slow down when you dodge a punch. Unfortunately for some, mastering the skills needed to level-up can take some time – though it’s worth it!

  • Visual and Sound Quality

Punch Hero has not had an overhaul of its graphics since January 2016. The updated version features characters from games such as Infinity Blade, Shadow Fight 2 and even the PlayStation exclusive, Undernight In-Birth.

MOD Features

• Get unlimited money
• Unlocked and Upgraded Characters
• Unlimited Gold
• Get professional equipment
• Unlock powerful gloves
• Buy in-game items
• Unlimited Health


Punch Hero, from the creators of Zombie War and Ultimate Fishing Simulator offers a more lighthearted touch to a classic boxing game. With so many boxing games on the market featuring violent opponents with life-like graphics and body movements Punch Hero is a fun change. Perhaps the only thing more hilarious than punching a zombie is being punched by one! Finally, Punch Hero isn’t just for fighters – it also has racing car battles, archery challenges and even target practice! In addition to all these modes of excitement, if you have a mid-range phone then you’re good to go because the game doesn’t require much resources from your device.




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