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Harvest Town is a simulation mobile game with pixel style. It has high freedom and gathers various RPG elements to create a real and fascinating rural life.
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Harvest Town is a video game released by the producer Avid.ly. This is a unique tap style farm role-playing game with high freedom, combining many RPG elements and earning more than 1 million installations on the Google Play app store.

harvest town mod apk

Players can enjoy Harvest Town’s pixel-style simulation experience. This is the most authentic way to experience what’s going on in the fairy town. It’s inherently gloomy and boring, even outdated before you arrive. The players’ actions and decisions will determine if this place can become a flourishing, fun town like in your imagination.

Game Overview

The story in Harvest Town really fascinates me, I love how it starts out. It begins with the main character reminiscing on his childhood as a young boy living on his family’s farm. But because he wanted to develop his career, he decided to move to the city. Life in the bustling city made him work hard and by the time he stopped, he was old.

What do you think if I chose not to stay at home that year? And then, the main character falls asleep and awakens at his beloved farm where he had first lived many years before being an adult. He opens his eyes and discovers that everything is just the same as before – but this time around, back when he was still a young fellow…

Gameplay Features

Features are discussed following.

The element of the farm RPG

When your character starts a new game, you will first want to make sure they’re healthy by creating a balanced diet. It’s important to watch the number of calories you’re consuming, as well as water intake and other aspects related specifically when it comes down to the food that makes up your character’s dinner table.

In addition, it’s best to keep an eye on their stress levels for this same reason because if not kept in check they may easily kill your interest in continuing with the game. It’s also highly recommended you don’t overwork your character because doing so will very likely cause them to suffer from exhaustion and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of relieving this condition short of making your character rest longer than usual or even leaving them completely alone during certain periods of time.

Build your garden

There are many buildings on your farm, but they aren’t for decoration. Each building has a specific function and doing one task inside each building might lead to something completely different. The carpenter’s shed for example, is where you can meet the friendly neighbor Steve Lopez who will be able to make or repair various items if you ask him to do so.

He’ll even throw in a friendly chat now and then! You can also visit the local grocery store where you can purchase various types of farm seeds that will be useful as well as several other things such as tools and other farming equipment!

Upgrade equipment

As you progress, you’re going to need better equipment to help your farm yield a higher return. To do so, you’ll want to upgrade your tools – axes, sickles, hoes, and shovels for example – to cut trees faster. We recommend taking a visit to the Smith so he can repair or forge new ones for you!

MOD features

Mod Features are following.

  • Unlimited money
  • Free to buy special milk

Key Features

Key Features are following.

  • Create your own cabins by removing weeds, pruning tree branches, and designing your own designs.
  • Live a genuine, immersed life on a farm by raising chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep, horses, and anything else you choose.Live a genuine, immersed life on a farm by raising chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep, horses, and anything else you choose.
  • There are a number of new game mechanics, including enigmatic underground exploration, the use of a password to open a treasure chest, and an Easter egg hunt.
  • You’ll have a memorable encounter with every non-player character with a noteworthy demeanor. Find an NPC that you find appealing and draw them along with you.
  • Build an interactive platform specifically for online players and participate in online multiplayer activities such as racing or market trading.
  • Embrace the changing seasons with a fine spring, a scorching summer, a wistful autumn, and a harsh winter.
  • You’ll see wood and fruit all over town. Build your own village by doing it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the passwords to Harvest Town’s treasure chests?
The players need to open their backpacks, then read the diary pages, and then they’re ready to go! For codes, you can use these numbers or the wiki page that has treasure chest passwords.

What is the process for adding friends to Harvest Town?
To add friends, open the map, go to world, click friends, then type in the name of the friend. Send a friend request, and if they accept, you’re friends.

What is the process for marrying a character in Harvest Town?
Increase fondness with the character, then buy the wedding suit from the shop and visit. Therefore, you are now married to another character since you are at the church to begin ceremonies.

In Harvest Town, how can I gift items to other characters?
In addition to increasing their fondness for another character, players can also buy something for that character. After equipping it from inventory, go close to the character and choose the first option.


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What's new

  • New decoration game
  • VIP free advertising privilege
  • Crash optimization


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