Dude Theft Wars MOD APK v1.6f (Unlock All Character)

You are not just playing with pixels when you play The Dude Theft Wars game, but rather you become a real outlaw in an open pixel world
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The Dude Theft Wars mod apk is an action-packed game for those looking to have some real madcap adventures in an open pixel world. You can break out of your routine and try something different by choosing whether you want a good citizen or join up with the crime syndicates. Here each option has its own unique set of weapons at disposal depending on what kind of outlaws they are after there is even vehicles waiting within the store.

dude theft wars mod apk

Explore this colorful realm that lets players explore new locations while leveling up quickly thanks to various goodies found throughout shops as well as discovering secret areas hidden across these sprawling squares.

Offline Open World Sunbox Fun

The game is a fun physics-based open-world sandbox, which can be both heart-pounding and hilarious. There are missions to complete in the offline story mode with realistic car physics for those who want more out of their games than just hacking away at enemies on autopilot while they wait around aimlessly trying not to die until the next mission or loading screen.

The goal of this game is to enjoy the freedom it offers. You can go wherever you want in an open-world sandbox environment with many mini-games, helping people and playing dancing games, or taking selfies for fun.

The designers make sure that users are able to roam around like pros by providing them all sorts of activities from throwing dance grenades on troll others near your location as well as doing some street clowning during nighttime hours, even making use of parkour moves across Mafia City’s map while collecting “skins” (miniature versions) along the way if one desires more challenging tasks at hand than just running errands requiring little movement.

Online FPS Multiplayer Shooter

Jack’s life was a quiet, normal one. But when he got into an online FPS multiplayer game and started going head-to-head with people from all over the world in ragdoll shooting games? His whole perspective changed!

This is why we need more parkour playgrounds for these types of gamers so they do not have to spend their time looking anywhere else but here at Dude Mafia City where Ragdoll Shooting Games are being continuously perfected by experts like Jack himself who knows every nook and cranny better than anyone else could ever hope too.

Drive Cars & Fly Planets

Drive your car anywhere, anytime whether you are a pro or just starting out. The Mafia City is full of free-roaming cars that are waiting to be driven! Explore this open-world sandbox game on bikes & fly planes in the sky OR enjoy helicopter rides across scenic views for an adrenaline rush like no other with friends by your side as enemies come at them from all angles trying not to fall off their motorcycles.

First Person Life Simulator

The world of Dude Theft Wars is a fun and engaging one. With three different characters, you can choose from Jack who owns an iDude phone to order cars with, or Richie’s character that has access to a computer screen where he signs contracts for enemies on behalf of the Dudes gang as well as sending out missions from which they will receive a payment if successful–or Chad whose skills lie more in automotive engineering than those needed by car thieves, making it easier for him be behind the placed when operating their fleet.

As players progress through gameplay there are many features available including being able to draw upon thousands nationwide worth of cash prizes simply by stealing other people’s property without causing any damage whatsoever performing stunts?

Action Packed Police Chases

As you kill people and damage cars with your gun, the wanted level increases. Police come after to arrest you but they are not able to do that until armed forces show up in stronger vehicles like tanks or helicopters carrying sniping victims into the air for rag dolls which provide fun ways of committing crimes while away from consequences on an open world sandbox life simulator.

So Many Mini Game

You’ll never be bored again with all these free Minigames. Play basketball, go bowling or show your bravery by winning the zombie outbreak challenge. Be a nice Dude serving others as you drive around town in this Taxi for some extra cash.

Play different mini-games like taxi driving and hooping (or whatever else) within one game to pass time when there’s nothing on TV. It might even help make sense out of those days where everything feels apocalyptic because we’re always looking over our shoulder waiting for someone bigger than life.

New Online FPS Multiplayer Maps

Join the multiplayer fun with Ragdoll Shooting games! Face off against other players in this new Fps Online mode. Play on Noobtown, Jackstreet, or Parkour playground. It is your choice so you can do whatever suits you best & get ready for an exciting time spent shooting targets while trying not to get hit by others’ bullets.

App Features

App Features are following.

  • ☑An FPS Sandbox Life Simulator Game
  • ☑Best Online Fps Experience in Online Fps Multiplayer Mode
  • ☑Drive Many Cars in Open World Sandbox Driving Simulator
  • ☑Best Open World Online Fps Shooting Game
  • ☑Online Fps Multiplayer Mode with up to 16 Players
  • ☑Explore Beautiful Mafia City
  • ☑Challenging Shooting Games
  • ☑Funny Sandbox Driving Simulator
  • ☑Play Mini Games in Open World Sandbox Life Simulator
  • ☑Find Secrets & Cheats in Sandbox Simulator
  • ☑Funny Memes
  • ☑Funny Ragdoll Physics

Download Dude Theft Wars MOD APK

Follow these steps;

  • Click the link below to start the download process.
  • If you already have the old version, uninstall that first and then install the latest version.
  • Now the file is stored in your device.

Install Dude Theft Wars MOD APK

Follow these steps;

  • After downloading the apk file, go to the Android > Setting > Security option.
  • Go to the unknown resource tab and click turn on.
  • Enable the “allow the permissions for the third party applications”
  • Now go to the screen of your device, the application is there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to download this Mod version?
YES, Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk is 100% virus-free. You can download this game without any worries.


You are not just playing with pixels when you play The Dude Theft Wars game, but rather you become a real outlaw in an open pixel world. There is no right or wrong choice to make in this free-to-play action game; both options offer their own unique set of weapons at disposal depending on what kind of outlaws they are after there are even vehicles waiting within the store.

What's new

  • The Mod has been updated to version
  • Improvements have been made to the graphics
  • Fixes and improvements
  • Performance has been improved.
  • The update is a general one
  • Nothing special has been changed.
  • There are unique features to every car, such as the sound
  • A total of 5 new cars have been added.


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